Private Career Colleges

Superintendent's policy directives and fact sheets


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Policy directives

Policy directives are legally binding documents which set out specific requirements the Superintendent has established for private career colleges. Policy directives are issued by the Superintendent under the legal authority established in s.53 of the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

Below are the policy directives that are currently in force outlining training standards for specific programs, exemptions to registration requirements and performance requirements for private career colleges.

Note: Updates to Superintendent's policy directives

The ministry is undertaking a comprehensive review of the Superintendent's policy directives and fact sheets. Directives with updates underway remain in effect. Should you have any questions about this review, please contact the Private Career Colleges Branch (PCCB) at



Performance requirements

Fact sheets

  • Fact sheet 1: Exemptions Under the Act (PDF, 78 KB)
  • Fact sheet 2: Fee Collection and Refunds (PDF, 79 KB)
  • Fact sheet 3: Third Party Program Assessment, September 2016
    Job profiles
  • Fact sheet 4a: Training Completion Assurance Fund (TCAF): Financial Security (PDF, 97 KB)
  • Fact sheet 4b: Training Completion Assurance Fund (TCAF): Premiums (PDF, 78 KB)
  • Fact sheet 5: Training Completion Assurance Fund (TCAF) – Information for Students: Private Career College Closure
  • Fact sheet 6: Training Completion Assurance Fund (TCAF) – Information for Training Completion Providers (PDF, 98 KB)
  • Fact sheet 7: Change of Ownership (PDF, 120 KB)
  • Fact sheet 8: Compliance Monitors (PDF, 75 KB)
  • Revoked fact sheet 9: Approval of Pre-service Firefighter Training Programs
  • Fact sheet 10: Approval of Distance Education Programs (PDF, 75 KB)
  • Fact sheet 11: Admission, Practicum and Entry-to-Practice Requirements (PDF, 187 KB)
  • Fact sheet 12: Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan (PDF, 178 KB)
    Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan – Questions and answers